How to Trust and Date After Being Cheated On

Pear CoupleAfter being cheated on or betrayed by a partner it’s hard to trust again. It’s especially difficult to trust someone enough to get close to them. A person who has been betrayed or cheated on never ever wants to go through the stomach aches, sleepless nights, weight loss, and body aches again. They do want to date and fall in love but it is very difficult.


After you start healing from the trauma and get back into healthier routines of sleeping, eating, and exercising you feel like you might be ready to almost try dating. Your mind may say you want to date but the fear may make you hesitate. A survivor of infidelity or betrayal sees and reads about survivors who have found loving partners and that gives them some hope.


When you are finally ready to date where do you go? Do you go to a bar or nightclub? Or do you try online dating? When you start dating you may feel the urge to look over your dates shoulder while they are texting. You might find yourself questioning where your partner was or what he or she was doing. Sadness and mistrust may creep in when you two are watching a tv show or movie where someone is cheating or betraying their loved one. Songs or other triggers may also bring about these feelings.


If you decide to try online dating then which of the 4000 sites do you choose? If you want to join the largest dating site then you would go to If you are looking for the hottest new app try Tinder. If you are looking just for sex rated “Top 10 Hookup Websites”. Their list included AdultFriendFinder,,, and their number one choice was If you are looking for someone you can relate to because he or she went through a similar betrayal then you can join, the dating site for those who have been cheated on or betrayed by a significant other, or those who are seeking a non-cheater.

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