Time Infidelity

Time InfedilityWhen you think of infidelity the first thing that comes to mind is cheating and affairs.   The second most common infidelity is financial infidelity, which is spending money or incurring debt behind your partners back. Another type of infidelity that most people don’t think about is time infidelity, which is taking time away from your loved one(s) or family. Sometimes sexual and/or financial infidelity goes hand in hand with time infidelity.


When the person participates in activities such as a sexual tryst, shopping or other activities that cost money or incur debt they are taking away time away from the relationship or family.


Time infidelity isn’t always linked with the other two infidelities. A person can go hang out with his or her friends or play video games or some other free hobby or non-sexual activity but it can still have a negative effect on the relationship or family.


A big culprit of time infidelity is technology. Going on Twitter, Facebook or other sites or apps, instead of giving your attention to your significant other, is a major culprit in time infidelity these days. If your phone is more important than who you are with and consumes your attention and focus more than your loved ones and family that would definitely be a time infidelity issue. Being fully present makes such a difference in a relationship.


Time infidelity isn’t new but most people don’t think about it. It’s important to keep up with friends and enjoy your hobbies but don’t betray your loved ones by taking too much time away from them. There is a balance and once you start lying about how you spent your time then it’s a problem.


It’s always best to communicate with your significant other in a kind, thoughtful way if you are feeling neglected or suspect a problem.

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