Why People Don’t Cheat?

ring picA person fantasizes about being with another person but doesn’t act upon it.  An attractive individual asks you out but you say “no” because you are already in a relationship.  Why is it that some people don’t cheat?


Some may fear getting caught.  Others know they will feel extremely guilty.  There are those who know it would be wrong because they are in a committed relationship and those who believe that it may cause problems.  Religion may be a factor.  Environment may be the answer.  If someone has friends, relatives, and co-workers who talk about being faithful or how it’s wrong to cheat then that person will find it less socially acceptable to cheat.  Some may also realize how it will destroy their partner if they ever found out or even suspected infidelity.  There are those who believe the potential lover is something you want but you know what you have with your current partner and it’s not worth jeopardizing.


If we all follow the golden rule and “do onto others as you would have them do onto you,” then there would be a lot less infidelity.  Some people cheat while others don’t.  Some believe when you go astray you not only cheat on your partner you also betray yourself.  Those who don’t cheat may want to or fantasize about cheating but they don’t go through with it for various reasons.  There are many people who remain faithful in their relationships and that is something to be celebrated!

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