Is There Really an Infidelity Epidemic?

Infidelity EpidemicYou decide. Let’s start with a simple Google search of “cheated on,” which results in over 40 million hits. There are many online support forums for infidelity. One of them is who has about 90,000 unique visitors per month. The largest cheating site has over 30 million members and there are over 1000 other dating sites for married people. There are counselors who specialize in dealing with infidelity and they have long waiting lists for appointments. Numerous articles, books, and even websites are dedicated to the subject.


There are about 316 million people in the US and 77% are over 18. That makes approximately 242 million adults. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services 94% of 18 year olds have dated. If we assume 50 % of people cheat, that means over 100 million have cheated and over 100 million have been cheated on or haven’t cheated.


What do you think? Is there an infidelity epidemic?


The Cost of InfidelityInfidelity is heart wrenching and painful but it can also be costly and prohibitive to your pocketbook!!
Here are some of the economic costs one might incur:

  • Individual or marriage counseling/therapy
  • Doctors visits
  • Prescriptions to help deal with lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, muscle aches and an inability to concentrate
  • Loss of pay for missing days at work
  • Divorce attorney and legal fees

Some infidelity survivors also spend money on:

  • Private Investigators
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Spy equipment
  • Other services to get more information on their cheating partner

Bottom line is: you not only become an emotional victim but are also subject to be an economic victim as well!!

It’s never good to stay a victim so when you choose to move on can offer you support and hope for the future.


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