Here’s 10 Reasons Why January Divorce Filings Are So High

Infidelity RelationsJanuary seems to be a big month for divorce filings.  What can some of the reasons be?

10) Wait until after the holidays so they don’t ruin everyone else’s
festive spirits.- Your family looks forward to being together for the
holidays so for your kids or family you wait to file for divorce until

9) Too much fighting over the holiday season that pushed you over the
edge. You and your spouse fought about everything over the holidays.
Whose family to spend which holidays at, how much to spend on gifts,
putting up decorations & taking down decorations, cleaning up, and
cooking, You felt too much unnecessary stress and think it’s time to go
your separate ways.

8) Letting go of old baggage in the New Year. Your New Year’s resolution
is to improve your life including eating healthy, exercising, losing
weight, getting a better job, and getting out of a miserable marriage.

7) Filling taxes for the New Year separately, not jointly. You thought it
would be easier to file separately for a complete year instead of jointly
for part of the year.

6) You felt underappreciated during the holidays. Your spouse didn’t get
you a nice gift for the holidays or ignored you. Your husband expected
you to clean up for guests, cook, serve, and clean up again. Your wife
expected you to put up decorations, take down decorations, and drive her
everywhere to pick up gifts. You now want to do things on your own
schedule or find someone who will communicate and work together as a team.

5) You have been looking into divorce and saw that Jan was one of the
highest months for divorce filings. After considering divorce you read
articles or saw news reports that many people file for divorce in January
and decided it must be a good time to file.

4) You discussed your marital issues with friends and family over the
holidays and they pushed you toward divorce. Over the holidays you met
with friends and family and told them some of the issues you were
experiencing in your marriage. Some have gone through divorce or know
others who have gotten divorced and after consulting with them you decide
it’s the right choice for you.

3) You don’t want to spend the winter months stuck indoors with your
spouse. The fighting was bad during the summer months and you feel
anxiety about being confined with your spouse during the cold months. You
can’t stand to be around each other too long and know it will be miserable
being indoors with him or her.

2) Your spouse spent lots of money that you don’t have during the
holidays. The credit card bill came and there were thousands of dollars
of gifts on the statement or lots of money was withdrawn from the bank
account around the holidays. Your spouse bought stuff behind your back
that you know you can’t afford and it’s putting you more in debt. This
wasn’t the first time but it will be the last time. You won’t put up with
financial infidelity anymore.

1) You discovered your spouse was cheating on you during the holidays.
Your spouse snuck out to meet his or her lover for the holiday and you saw
the text or email or overheard the conversation. You found a receipt for
a hotel or motel, or a present that your spouse could explain who he/she
gave it to but you know they were being unfaithful. You can’t stand to be
with your cheating spouse, consult with an attorney and file for divorce
in January.

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  • Interesting analysis of why January is a big month for divorce filings! Many of the things you have mentioned here are signs of a cheating spouse – making you feel under appreciated, credit card bills showing expensive gifts that you’ve never received, unexplained disappearances and text messages or emails. Although discussing with family and friends offers great emotional support, I would suggest consulting an expert.

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