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Infidelity can initiate anywhere. At work, on a business trip, or online.   There are over 1000 sites that help people who are married or in relationships hook up with others who are in relationships. It is estimated that over 100 million people in the US have cheated or have been cheated on.


Weeding RingsCheating sites look at this huge infidelity pool as their target market. They provide an online dating platform for those who are in a relationship with the intent of having an affair. looks at the same data and tries to help those who have been cheated on connect with others who have been cheated on because they understand and can relate to each other. and cheating sites are two sides of the same coin. They both target the infidelity market but in different ways. One side propagates cheating. The other promotes being faithful. The cheating sites make it easier to have affairs. Affairs destroy lives and leaves the ones who were cheated on mistrustful. The site builds relationships and trust after the devastation of being cheated on.

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Gary Spivak
Founder of, whose mission is to build the largest community of single infidelity survivors who are looking for a safe haven to rejoin the dating pool. Master's Degree in Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology

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