Are There Different Levels of Sexual Cheating?

Levels of cheatingSome people may admit that an online or emotional affair is a lower level of cheating than a sexual affair. Others may acknowledge that if your significant other kissed another person that is very bad but still not as bad as a sexual affair.
The follow may be seen as sexual cheating at different levels:

  1. One night stand
  2. Short term affair
  3. Multiple sexual encounters with many different people
  4. An affair that went on for a long time
  5. Cheating that lead to an STD
  6. Cheating that lead to pregnancy
  7. Cheating that lead to a baby

You may not see the severity of cheating in the same order. You may not see much of a difference because cheating is wrong whether it is once or several long term affairs that lead to multiple babies from different partners. Some people do see different levels of sexual cheating, do you?

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